who i am: trippy “weed demon” wavves fan video

I am obsessed with the Wavves song “Weed Demon”.  It’s chill, melodic, trippy, and eerie in the best way possible. My buddy Sammy is obsessed with it, too. Today, he showed me this video a fan made. It quells the weed paranoia vibe of the song with gorgeous colors and warped images of faces, people, and beaches. The West Coast Wavves vibe shines through brilliantly. Take a second and get lost in it.

I can’t wait to see Wavves when he plays Northside Festival in McCarren park on June 18th with Guided by Voices, Surfer Blood, and The Babies. It’s going to be a very rad show.

p.s. have you seen @wavveswavves twitter background? It’s gangster.

The first time I looked at it I about died laughing. Wavves is a funny dude. He’s the Kanye West of noise pop and a good twitter follow, for sure.

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