going nowhere going nowhere going nowhere: sea punk 4ever

This shoot will probably go down as one of the raddest days at the beach ever. Photographer Angelina Hobbs and I picked up my boy Sam Sorrels for a shoot at the beach. The day began with a threat of rain, starting us out with a perfectly dark mood. We owned the beach and its bleached out boardwalks and skate park. It was just us and the surfers  feeding on last night’s storm surge. We rocked it. It was so fun we practically forgot we were shooting. We got in the water. And the sun came out at the most perfect moments.

As we headed back into the city, we were swallowed back into a venemous black storm. The three of us had just left  a strange little paradise in the Rockaways , but I know I will carry a little piece of it with me always.

Photographer: Angelina Hobbs – angelinamelody.com

Stylist: Drew Van Diest

Model: Sam Sorrels at Boom Models

Jewelry by Black Cabinet

5 Responses to “going nowhere going nowhere going nowhere: sea punk 4ever”

  2. mitch says:

    where is the skull knit from??!! i want one!

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  1. […] was also the model for my editorial Going nowhere going nowhere going nowhere: Sea Punk 4Ever. We dyed his hair turquoise, painted his nails for a second, played with glitter blankets, star […]

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