i shift around the tectonic plates: one-time use roll #5

you think you’re evil, but you’re not: we endorse Ex-cult

The ex-cults played NYC this past week. We caught a killer show by the Bay-area influenced garage punk band at Death by Audio in Williamsburg.  We moshed a bit. We had a rad time. We’re now fans. The Ty Segall-produced band, formerly known as the Sexcults, just released their self-titled debut on Memphis label Goner … Continue reading

quality control: inside knickerbocker mfg.

It’s no secret that most of today’s designers send their designs overseas to be manufactured. While keeping costs low and prices competitive, it also means that the designer has little quality control and thus poor quality proliferates the market. A young group of entrepreneurs in Brooklyn have set out to change that. These courageous champions … Continue reading

there’s something about us: BRAND US. studio visit

If you don’t already know artists Theresa O’Neill and Phillip Martin, together known as Brand US, you should get familiar. Cannedyouth sat down with the artists in their Clinton Hill studio to talk about what inspires them to make great work. “In terms of work, the dynamics of our work changed when we moved to … Continue reading

if you still want me to be there oh i’d be there in a minute: one-time use photo roll #4

you can’t stop us it’s no use: Ferris keeps the dream alive

In a weird way, meeting AJ Livingston and Taylor Conklin from Ferris restored my faith in Williamsburg and Brooklyn, as a whole. Sometimes I feel like the luxe high-rises that have been built here have choked the life out of the neighborhood. But, these guys  have the makings of a really great brand on their … Continue reading

kick off my shoes and swim good: one-time use photo roll #3

sometimes my thumb gets in the way and that’s okay: one-time use photo reel #2

My second drug store camera diary came back with memories of shoots, gardens, and friends. The last snap brings us into the beginning of summer. Good vibrations ahead. (photos taken in Marfa, TX. Brooklyn, NY. New York, NY. Bennington, VT.)

too many kids finding rain in the dust: one-time use photo reel #1

I’ve always loved those stupid little one-time use cameras you get at the drug store. By the time I develop it, I have forgotten what’s on the roll entirely. A fun little short-term time capsule comes out in the prints. Behold some moments of my life and interesting things from the past few months. I … Continue reading

brooklyn, we go hard: d’emploi

I visited Kyle Mosholder at his studio in Greenpoint a few days ago. Kyle is owner, designer, and creative director extraordinaire for his label D’emploi. I met Kyle over the summer while perusing the Renegade Craft Fair in McCarren Park. I was really enthused about his stuff and we hit it off. I knew I … Continue reading