That’s right I’m in it: moodboard

Currently inspiring Cannedyouth (clockwise from top left): -this Contributing Editor Ben Watts’ shoot has CY stoked on summer and East Coast surf – that look – Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers still continues to rock my brain. Dark, yet pop and beautifully shot. Spring break forever, bitches. – We’ve been listening to a lot of Black Flag. “I … Continue reading

quality control: inside knickerbocker mfg.

It’s no secret that most of today’s designers send their designs overseas to be manufactured. While keeping costs low and prices competitive, it also means that the designer has little quality control and thus poor quality proliferates the market. A young group of entrepreneurs in Brooklyn have set out to change that. These courageous champions … Continue reading

you can’t stop us it’s no use: Ferris keeps the dream alive

In a weird way, meeting AJ Livingston and Taylor Conklin from Ferris restored my faith in Williamsburg and Brooklyn, as a whole. Sometimes I feel like the luxe high-rises that have been built here have choked the life out of the neighborhood. But, these guys  have the makings of a really great brand on their … Continue reading

kick off my shoes and swim good: one-time use photo roll #3

life in a crystal house: design miami

After sun and fun at the Raligh Hotel, Cannedyouth went to actually look at some art! Friends and I went to check out DesignMiami. Balloon-y entrance designed by the firm Snarkitecture. Inside were all sorts of high-end design wares to lust after. Who wouldn’t want a red mustache shaped coffee table? Or maybe a perspective … Continue reading

Ridin’ up and down Collins in that new two tone: it begins with a pool party

This is my first year at Basel. It’s been a whirlwind! I feel like Hurricane Basel just hit me in Miami Beach. After a morning of style prep for an upcoming shoot, I was ready to relax and hit the beach for a bit. A New Yorker can’t pass up a chance to bronze up … Continue reading

don’t steal our sun: all geared up for Art Basel

Cannedyouth is getting down with his Miami vices this week as he covers Art Basel. Keep watch on CY tumblr and CY facebook page for updates and coverage of style, parties, people, and the ART. Next stop: a sunshine state of mind.

it’s all that’s on my mind leaving the city behind: d’emploi takes VT

photos (from top to bottom): Kyle Mosholder, Alan Tansey, Liz Clayman, Alan Tansey ** With the length of winter looming before us here in New York, it has me reminiscing about memories of last spring. It may seem counterproductive. I should just embrace the cold, right? But it’s a way to cope. At least until … Continue reading

i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for june: all the kids come out for warm up

Summer is over. Our tans are slowly fading, but memories of the sunny good times linger. I’m already trying to relive it with some snaps I took at Moma PS1 Warmup with Jamie XX and Pearson Sound back in August. The party that PS1 throws in its courtyard is a summer staple. The DJs are sick and … Continue reading

fall/winter twelve: nyfw playlist

The work, shows, and parties have all been over for about a month now. I made this mix on the fly while running around the city doing all the aforementioned new york fashion week-ing. These songs picked me up, brought me back down, and kept me going all week. I invite you to get into … Continue reading