I’m getting down with the city and the pity of it: How to fake it.

I recently had this conversation with my friend who runs the blog Great Beauties Great Secrets:   Great Beauties Great Secrets: I felt so out of place. I had no idea what to wear. I just wore a plaid shirt and it was NOT okay. Canned Youth: What was the bar called? GBGS: We went … Continue reading

All the kids all the kids that want to make a scene: Hipster vs. Scenester

Sometimes things just need to be clarified. I hear a lot of people throwing around the word hipster to refer to people and places that actually don’t carry hipster attributes. This usually revolves around the distinction between hipsters and scenesters. There is a definite difference! These stereotypes are often confused because they seem very similar … Continue reading

Won’t you meet me downtown?: How to do CMJ the right way.

A few weeks ago (Sorry for the late post. Canned Youth has been under the weather) the  annual CMJ Music Marathon took place. This means that for 5 days, by command of the College Music Journal, over 1,200 bands and artists descended upon venues all over lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. If going to shows is … Continue reading